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enTex Toughened Composites


enTex Interleaf

enTex is a novel fibre technology that transforms the basic epoxy resin system into one that exhibits superior toughness, in excess of 60%.

Enhancing the interlaminar region of the composite laminate, enTex will enable an efficient transfer of the load from the resin layer to the primary reinforcing fibres such carbon or glass, and it works perfectly in most commonly used resin systems, epoxies, polyesters, and phenolics.

enTex interleave can be used during the laying up process or incorporated directly in a prepreg. The weight impact of enTex is negligible, 1 – 1.5gsm, and for ease of use as a standalone, it is overlayed on to silicone coated paper. It is manufactured in standard widths of 1200 and 1600 mm.

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