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FibroTend is a highly aligned and stretched nanofibre. Typical diameter of 250 nm. It is supplied on a range of substrates and densities. Current maximum substrate width is 400 mm.


Nylon FibroTend

Nylon FibroTend is an excellent way of improving toughness in advanced composite materials without increasing the weight of the part. It has been shown that the toughness increases by as much as 18% (based on FibroTend 0.2-0.4 gsm). FibroTend works in the matrix domain and will provide reinforcement to the polymer matrix without altering the viscosity of the resin system. It will perform as an interlaminar reinforcement.

The fibres are spun directly onto a substrate for ease of handling. This means normal ply stacking sequences can be followed.

There is a wide choice of substrates to choose from such as, carbon/glass prepreg, resin films and nonwoven technical textiles.

Piezoelectric FibroTend

PVDF FibroTend is an ideal material for flexible sensors. The fibres are deposited on a thin film such as Kapton with a maximum width of 300 mm. The fibres are poled during the manufacturing process and are piezo-enabled. Additional poling is available.


Others Materials

FibroTend for medical applications such as scaffolds can be manufactured on request. FibroTend can be directly spun on to the culture dish or a suitable alternative for ease of handling.

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