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We provide a range of structural analysis simulation services predicting static, thermal and dynamic performances.

A variety of analysis techniques are offered for a range of loading conditions:

  • Static and non-linear
  • Natural frequency
  • Thermal
  • Low impact velocity in automotive
  • High velocity impact in aerospace

    We have working experience with major companies across Europe in both the automotive and aerospace industries

    Automotive Industry

    Munro Technology has 20 years experience in the automotive industry, designing body parts and simulating structural performance under static, thermal and dynamic loading with the ultimate goal of achieving performance optimisation.

    A range of codes are used to simulate the performance of metallic, thermoplastics and fibre reinforced composite structures such as Nastran and OptiStruct for linear/non-linear analysis, and RADIOSS and LS-DYNA for dynamic simulation.

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    Aerospace Industry

    The analysis techniques offered are;

  • Static and non-linear
  • Buckling
  • Weight and performance optimisation
  • High velocity impact -
  • Bird strike
  • Drop test
  • Fuel sloshing
  • Ditching

    With expertise in materials and fibre reinforced composites, materials characterisation, testing and simulation Munro Technology is well placed to support you throughout the design and development process.